follow my other blog i'm gone

i'm over at badgerconda now.
sorry for the trouble, i'm keeping this up as an archive

if by chance you’re still following this thing, it’s not only cool to do so, but encouraged you unfollow me here and go refollow me over at badgerconda, as i’ve switched over my url now

— 2 years ago
hey, this is me now →

i’m sadly abandoning this blog because i’ve remade, in favour of being less sloppy and more organized. right now my blog is very small, it’s essentially got a theme, my info pages and less than 40 posts as of the time of me writing this.

you should go refollow me because you’re all awesome and great and if we’ve talked in any capacity before now i probably consider you a friend

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remaking blogs is hard

i shouldn’t have unfollowed everyone here

apparently you can only follow 200 people in one go

and then you can’t follow anyone new for a whole day

i didn’t know that until i came back here to try and find people still following me here i had to go refollow :’)

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okay on the new blog

sherlock posts: do i tag them with sherlock-bbc or bbc-sherlock or without hyphens…

i’m thinking first, without?

i’m just being overly anal and deciding my tagging system before i move :’)

also are there any things i post as is that you want me to tag a certain way?

— 2 years ago

so i’m

thinking about moving tumblrs

just so it’s not as completely cluttered?


if i do i’ll have this thing queued with moving notices for like 2 weeks ad then change my url so i can go back to this one? i’d probs just keep my caysiedoesthings blog on this account and just make it the top blog once i’d unfollowed everyone here (seriously though why is making a sideblog the main url not a thing that’s doable?)

that’s really the only reason i don’t want to? because it’d be complicated? :’I i don’t know. 

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#if i did though i'd be over on crowbarkind which is just sitting there lmao  #until i regave myself badgerconda i love it too much to part with ;; 

the dog is freaking out because it’s raining

so for about ten minutes i’ve been doing nothing but cuddling him and making funny voices and calling him names to calm him down

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